My mailbox, 52 Riverview, Oct 1?

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      Hello everyone,
      This spring’s door-to-door drive for the Kidney Foundation/ Fondation canadienne du rein was postponed due to Covid concerns. Recently I received a letter from them (I canvass every year in the neighbourhood) saying it is cancelled entirely this year but that any donations I could gather from family and friends would be appreciated.
      And so, my neighbourhood friends, I am writing to say that I won’t be canvassing at your door this year but I will accept donations from you, to be dropped off in an envelope in my mailbox (52 Riverview) on Thursday Oct. 1 between noon and 7 PM.
      Any amount, even some pocket change in an envelope would be great! I will check and empty the mailbox every hour.
      For amounts over $20, write your name and address on the envelope and I will deliver a receipt to you.
      Thanks for your attention to this. The Kidney Foundation/Fondation canadienne du rein is one of the last charities to collect door-to-door and I can’t imagine how much they must have lost in donations due to Covid restrictions.
      Cheers everyone!
      Jenny Jones

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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